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Houston Traffic Ticket Attorneys

Have you recently been cited for a traffic violation or other Class C misdemeanor in Texas? These can be easily taken care of in many cases, but when ignored they can result in big headaches for drivers.

Don't Plead Guilty; We Can Help You Reduce Or Eliminate Traffic Fines

The Houston lawyers of Paul Kubosh Attorney at Law focus on helping clients facing Class C misdemeanors and their traffic-related criminal defense needs. Pleading guilty by simply paying a fine usually results in increased insurance costs and a permanent mark on your driving record.

When you choose our experienced legal team to handle your citation, we will do the heavy lifting necessary to get your fines reduced or thrown out altogether. Our clients have to make an initial appearance with our attorneys, but after that we can take care of court appearances.

We have handled thousands of traffic ticket cases in the Houston area, and know how to look for the kinds of defects that can get a ticket thrown out. When a case has to go to a jury, we do the talking and fight to get our clients results. We represent drivers with moving violations and insurance and license tickets, and can process bonds for people with warrants. We also represent commercial drivers.

Contact our Houston traffic law attorneys today. Email us or call 713-396-3583 to schedule a free consultation. Our office is bilingual in English and Spanish. Hablamos español.

Our Harris County Traffic Ticket Attorneys Also Handle City Code Violations

We also represent business owners in the Houston area who have been cited and fined for various city code violations. We have extensive experience handling cases for operators of video poker and other gambling machines. These are heavily regulated and operators often get cited for failure to renew licenses or for putting machines where they are not allowed. We make sense of the regulations and work to get our clients in compliance without paying heavy fines.

Call Us Today For A Free Consultation

Don't let a traffic ticket or other Class C misdemeanor turn into a bigger deal than it needs to be. With Paul Kubosh Attorney at Law, you will receive fast and aggressive legal representation at a fair cost. Contact us to schedule a free consultation: Email us or call 713-396-3583 to get answers to your questions about citations and fines.

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